Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone :) 

What a fun-filled weekend!! Fun thing #1:  Friday after school, Nile and I went to Verizon to get a cell phone plan TOGETHER. You KNOW your relationship is officially official when you merge cell phone plans! I think my dad was a little sad that I am no longer on our family plan..... Nile & I both got Motoroly DROID Smartphones. IN LOVE. 
Friday night after we got home from purchasing them, Nile and I sat in my living room on our phones for 2 hours and did not say one word to each other. And as sad as it may seem, I do think we texted each other a couple times while sitting in the same room. It's okay, you can judge us. I can Tweet ALL the time now, even though I think Kate Bing is the only one that reads my tweets :)

As a lot of you know, I coach the 7th grade Academic Team (Quiz Bowl/Brain Game/Whatever you want to call it). We had the big county tournament on Saturday morning ~ 700+ middle schoolers and their parents. It was CHAOS. Nile volunteered his Saturday morning to read questions/judge during meets. It may seem like no big deal, but some of these coaches go CRAZY about this tournament. 

Beech Grove lost their first round, but these kids are awesome. I never thought I'd ever coach something like the Academic Team, but I'm SO GLAD that I did. It was so fun. 

The day was exhausting.... so exhausting, in fact, that I went to bed before 7pm last night and slept for 12 hours!!!
This morning, Nile & I went to QDoba for breakfast. That's right friends, QDOBA FOR BREAKFAST. They have breakfast burritos that are AMAZING. 

Both Nile & I LOVE their Verde salsa ~ so when we went grocery shopping, we decided to buy some! We decided to go with the verde salsa in the 'pop bottle' style. We were both so excited about our awesome find. I do believe we stood in Wal Mart laughing hysterically for about 5 minutes about this plastic pop bottle salsa container. It doesn't take much to amuse us apparently. 

The rest of today will be cleaning, relaxing, cuddling, and Olympics. Sundays are definitely my favorite. 

Jess & Nile Quote of the day: 
Nile:"You didn't know that Bob Dylan's son was Jacob Cooper?"
Me: "JACOB COOPER? Nope, didn't know that!"
Nile: "Ahhh I mean Jakob Dylan!"

Much Love :)


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