Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Children's Museum

On our first Saturday as an engaged couple, we went to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. The museum features tons of exhibits such as a dinosaur exhibit, the Barbie exhibit, Egypt, Star Wars, Anne Frank & Ruby Bridges, and lots of awesome art. And this is just the beginning. I (Jess) got some great stuff out of this experience such as pictures of fossils to show my kids at school, a visit to the most amazing collection of Barbie stuff ever, and a really bad cold. SO many kids and SO many germs! We had a blast pretending we were little kids again :) 
The Dino Exhibit was super educational ~ I wish we could take a field trip there!!

Nile was totally into crawling into spaces and taking part of activities made for people no more than 4 feet tall. 

I got to create some cool Barbie outfits.

We wrote 'Congratulations' in Arabic to congratulate ourselves on being engaged :)

I showed off my mad hula-hoop skills.

And Nile counted how many times his name came up in the Egypt exhibit (17 to be exact, and we quit counting). 

Perfect Day :) 

It's been an adjustment for both of us to come down off of Cloud 9 and back to "real life" this week.
Love, J & N


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