Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Countdown


Whaaaaat!? Okay so I know we haven't blogged in 5 MONTHS (unacceptable, I understand). So to catch you up on our lives in one obnoxiously long run-on sentence:

Summer was great I got really tan we moved to a new awesome apartment Jacob played football He's a senior Very sad I love my 7th graders this year but am ready for a break We've made some awesome friends here in Indy We love fantasy football I've lost 17 lbs I've not stressed for one second about the wedding My bridesmaids and I are wearing pink shoes I had 2 AMAZING bridal showers and one killer bachelorette party We're decorating for Christmas and making decorations for the wedding We hate LeBron James We're having a blast.

Everything is falling into place & we're extremely happy.

I must find motivation to blog more.... Seriously.

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