Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspirational Love

Do you ever come across or spend time with a couple that inspires you to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make your relationship as loving and as strong as it could possibly be? A couple that you KNOW that they have unconditional love for each other no matter what good/bad may come their way?

Awesome love inspires me to love more and love bigger. Here are a few couples that have inspired me to love like there's no tomorrow:

My mom & dad. Their love for each other is a powerful one. Together, they are a force. I believe these 2 people could overcome anything this world threw their way ~ no matter how big or small. Their faith in God and determination are bigger than life. Inspired.

My Uncle John & Aunt Lori. They have no idea. Their love for each other is so apparent and sweet. My aunt Lori's facebook status yesterday was "My Husband is HOME!!! Things feel right now!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!" I adore that after many years of marriage, they still have that young love feeling. Inspired.

Jake & Kari. Love? Check. Laughter? Check. Fun? Check. Adventures? Check. Great people? Check. These 2 are MEANT TO BE. NO DOUBT. Having a bad day? Spend 1 hour with Jake & Kari and it will turn around. Promise. Inspired.

Betsy & Erick. The definition of adorable. These 2 have been together since they were babies (or at least before driving age). They dance, they laugh, they are totally okay with making a fool out of themselves in public together. They "get" each other like no other. Inspired. 

Sam & Marissa. These 2 started dating when we were sophomores in high school. Everyone has known they are soul mates forever. They compliment each other so well. Such a sweet, loving, and thoughtful couple. They spread their love & faith in God to everyone they cross. Inspired.

Andy & Becca. Talk about a good time. These 2 have been through a lot together, have a wonderful little life together and a wonderful little baby together. This couple is as real as it gets. Inspired.

 Gotta love being in love. 

Finally, I must admit that I 110% believe that Nile & I beat EVERYONE in the "best relationship ever" category. Hands down. I am so thankful. 

Happy Valentine's Weekend 


Kari said...

You are wonderful, Jessica Cooper.

Becca and Andy said...


bets-and-erk said...

i am inspired by YOUR love for EVERYONE...including nile. happy v-day, beautiful. i love you!

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