Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love & Thanks

Love & Thanks to all who have sent their love and CONGRATS to us over this exciting weekend :)
Have a great week! Love, J & N

Archive Adventures Part 1

We wanted to include all of our past adventures together ~ it's been so fun looking back at all of these pictures to see how our love unfolded :)

Pictures from our first date:

I had just moved here, so Nile brought me an air mattress to sleep on. Problem was, the air pump could only be plugged into a car to work (and it was super loud)! haha It was about 10pm when this was happening ~ great first impression to all my neighbors.
Nile introduced me to The Nickle Plate - a little restaurant/bar that was a Pittsburgh place where all Steelers fans could come together and eat and watch football! AWESOME! The best part is, Nile is a Browns fan!!! Now, THAT is true love!
The Indiana State Fair. Best fried pickles and pulled pork EVER!

Spending time downtown & walking the canal. Downtown Indy has so much to do and is so fun to just go down and wander. The canal that runs through the city is so pretty and peaceful. We have dreams of living in one of the townhomes on this canal someday :)

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). This was our second date! We spent the day at one of the coolest art museums ~ it was so beautiful and so fun. I also got yelled at by one of the security guards for taking a picture on the LOVE statue :)
Nile also always makes a point of finding the Nile River on every map we ever come across.
To be continued...

The Big Surprise

On January 29, 2010, Nile asked me to be his one and only for the rest of our lives :)
The story: Nile picked me up from school on a Friday afternoon to head downtown to go to the Cavs vs. Pacers basketball game. While wondering around downtown, Nile said "let's go get a picture together at the circle!" He asked a lady that was collecting donations for the American Red Cross to take our picture. There are tons of people around, cars driving by, and lots of Friday afternoon hustle & bustle. As I began posing for the picture, Nile dropped to his knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Fortunately, the Red Cross lady had starting snapping pictures!

Horns were honking, people were yelling 'congrats' and I couldn't stop smiling.
After calling our parents, we went directly to the Claddaugh downtown to meet some friends. There was an older couple there that insisted on buying us our first drink as an engaged couple. I told everyone we ran into that "WE JUST GOT ENGAGED" ~ needless to say, we didn't pay for anything that night. :)
We got to sit in a suite at the Cavs/Pacers game and celebrated with some great friends.
Our journey has just begun.... and off to a GREAT start :) I woke up the morning after and was SO happy to realize it wasn't a dream & I get to marry my best friend!

Him & Her & Us


Name: Nile (yes its just like the River)
Age: 25
Occupation: fun vacation guide at RCI(yay free vacations)
Favorite Books: anything Nick Hornby, gatsby, requiem, dylan chronicles, Lester bangs
On my days off I like to: watch movies, go downtown, and watch baseball
Favorite sports team: Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, THE Ohio State Buckeyes football
Favorite bands: 1)Beatles 2)Dylan 3)Incubus 4)The Duke Spirit 5) this one rotates every day between a few folks.
Favorite actor: Jimmy Stewart
Favorite moment with Jess: When she plays ANY "air instrument" air guitar, air drums, air trumpet, air sax, pretty much all of them!!


Name: Jessica
Age: 25
Occupation: 7th Grade Science Teacher
Favorite Books: The Great Gatsby, Blue Like Jazz, & A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
On a day off I like to: Stay in my PJs & watch movies
Favorite sports team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite past times: Blogging, facebook, reading, going downtown, playing buzztime trivia
Favorite moment with Nile: When I first moved here and Nile took me to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. At this moment, I realized my life would never be the same. He was so sweet, fun, and loving. I also had no idea men like Nile existed ~ it's been a wonderful realization!

How we met: On June 13, 2009, Nile attended his cousin's wedding in Lima, Ohio. Jess also attended this wedding as the groom (Nile's cousin) was a lifelong friend growing up. At this time, Jess had just found out she got a job in Indianapolis and was to move there in July. At the reception, Nile (suavely & strategically) placed himself at a table right next to Jess to "talk to a friend" that was also sitting at the table. When Jess returned to her seat next to Nile, he struck up a conversation. During this conversation, a few things happened:
1. Jess found out Nile already lived in Indy (where she was moving)
2. Nile drew tons of diagrams showing Jess around her new city
3. Everything happening around these 2 individuals seemed to stop completely
4. The start of one of the most wonderful adventures they had ever been a part of

This blog is to document our lives, our fun, our eating habits, our interests, and our journey together that has just begun.
Copyright 2009 Our Side of Paradise
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