Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hi everyone! Here is our sunny weekend in review: 


I (J) took a sick day (my first ever!!) because I went to the doctor that morning, she took a one second look in my ears, gasped and said "wow honey, you are FULL of infection!!"
So, I spent the day in bed on meds and Nile brought me a QDoba breakfast burrito (be jealous!) Friday night, Nile and I went to see Alice in Wonderland with some friends. Despite the horrible reviews it is getting, I LOVED it!


Saturday was a GORGEOUS and sunny day here in Indy. I wore short sleeves!! Nile & I ran some errands and spent the day outside at one of the many outdoor shopping malls around the area. It was awesome just to be outside, not be freezing, and wear sunglasses! It was a great date day!! We ended at one of our favorites: 


Today will be a day of relaxing, organizing, and planning. It's another sunny day outside so I will try to go out and enjoy it. I love/hate Sundays so much. I love that they are so productive and restful, but hate because life starts again tomorrow. 

My parents are coming to visit next week!!! I can't wait!!!! Have a great week everyone!


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