Monday, March 1, 2010


We need to update. 

Maybe tonight?

Our weekend consisted of the following: 

1. Me (J) being sick (sinus infection!!) and grumpy all weekend
2. Game night with friends (always good to spread your germs around to the ones you love)
3. Working OT at school Saturday for the wrestling tournament
4. Lots and lots of coffee
5. 5 Dollar Footlongs (ANY!) ~ not kidding
6. Sunday = movies, couch, blankets, kleenex box ALL DAY.

IT'S MARCH!!! Which means one thing: SPRING!!!!!!! Less than 20 days.... 

Have a happy week!! :)


Fashion Court said...

oh no, hope you're feeling better! :(

MO said...

you know what else march means, LIP! Miss you JCOOP!

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