Sunday, January 31, 2010

Him & Her & Us


Name: Nile (yes its just like the River)
Age: 25
Occupation: fun vacation guide at RCI(yay free vacations)
Favorite Books: anything Nick Hornby, gatsby, requiem, dylan chronicles, Lester bangs
On my days off I like to: watch movies, go downtown, and watch baseball
Favorite sports team: Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, THE Ohio State Buckeyes football
Favorite bands: 1)Beatles 2)Dylan 3)Incubus 4)The Duke Spirit 5) this one rotates every day between a few folks.
Favorite actor: Jimmy Stewart
Favorite moment with Jess: When she plays ANY "air instrument" air guitar, air drums, air trumpet, air sax, pretty much all of them!!


Name: Jessica
Age: 25
Occupation: 7th Grade Science Teacher
Favorite Books: The Great Gatsby, Blue Like Jazz, & A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
On a day off I like to: Stay in my PJs & watch movies
Favorite sports team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite past times: Blogging, facebook, reading, going downtown, playing buzztime trivia
Favorite moment with Nile: When I first moved here and Nile took me to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. At this moment, I realized my life would never be the same. He was so sweet, fun, and loving. I also had no idea men like Nile existed ~ it's been a wonderful realization!

How we met: On June 13, 2009, Nile attended his cousin's wedding in Lima, Ohio. Jess also attended this wedding as the groom (Nile's cousin) was a lifelong friend growing up. At this time, Jess had just found out she got a job in Indianapolis and was to move there in July. At the reception, Nile (suavely & strategically) placed himself at a table right next to Jess to "talk to a friend" that was also sitting at the table. When Jess returned to her seat next to Nile, he struck up a conversation. During this conversation, a few things happened:
1. Jess found out Nile already lived in Indy (where she was moving)
2. Nile drew tons of diagrams showing Jess around her new city
3. Everything happening around these 2 individuals seemed to stop completely
4. The start of one of the most wonderful adventures they had ever been a part of

This blog is to document our lives, our fun, our eating habits, our interests, and our journey together that has just begun.


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