Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Countdown


Whaaaaat!? Okay so I know we haven't blogged in 5 MONTHS (unacceptable, I understand). So to catch you up on our lives in one obnoxiously long run-on sentence:

Summer was great I got really tan we moved to a new awesome apartment Jacob played football He's a senior Very sad I love my 7th graders this year but am ready for a break We've made some awesome friends here in Indy We love fantasy football I've lost 17 lbs I've not stressed for one second about the wedding My bridesmaids and I are wearing pink shoes I had 2 AMAZING bridal showers and one killer bachelorette party We're decorating for Christmas and making decorations for the wedding We hate LeBron James We're having a blast.

Everything is falling into place & we're extremely happy.

I must find motivation to blog more.... Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Obviously immediately commenting. I love your bloggy!! Can you bring it back?! I'm so excited for WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA!! I'm going to play FINAL COUNTDOWNNNNNN every morning from now until your wedding...then I will play it again as you walk down the aisle. LOVE YOU!!
PS Now I'm going to go blog about your wedding

Brianne said...

"The Final Countdown" was the song we entered our wedding reception to - AWESOME! :)

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