Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here They Are!!!

After searching through all of our pictures, we decided we liked the these the best :) Enjoy!!

We're thinking of doing something creative with the number pictures.... we posed with each number (not all pictured!)



Anonymous said...

I have a brilliant idea for the # pictures..
Ok so, you start a TV show called "Jile plus 1" when you have your first child. Your picture with the #1 will be displayed during the opening of the show...
Then "Jile plus 2" then the picture with the 2 will be displayed during the opening... then continue all the way up to however many numbers there are (8??).
So you have to have that many kids. It will be in the show's contract of course.
Think about it! lol

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! They are all so good!! I need one for my wall! Love Aunt Lori

Anonymous said...

awesome pics when do i get one???? ;o)
Love Ya Aunt Verna

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! These pictures are just perfect! You both look so happy!
Love, Grandma Bobbie

bets-and-erk said...

could you two be any CUTER?! i love them all! you are BEAUTIFUL, jessica cooper! i love you so much and miss you everyday! (and nile, you're a stud.)

JoAnn Smith said...

WOW the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Makes a Mom cry. You both look sooooooooooooo happy together and sooooooooooo much in love. I could not be happier for the both of you. Ok I am going to cry somemore now! Love you both!

Anonymous said...

i like the close ups. u can really see how happy you are. love ya, aunt julie

Anonymous said...

I love all the photos but my fave is the 3rd one from the top. You both look so purrrfect. and i also like the dogwood in the background. God Bless You Always.
Love groomers

Anonymous said...

Great pics! So creative and fun--hope the wedding plans are going well! Take care-Sasha

The Nerdy Mimi said...

Nile and Jess, why not make a collage of the number photos, or frame each one separately and hang them up in your house for the current year...or frame them together in the date of your wedding?

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